STX K18 Lacrosse Gloves Review


Lacrosse Gloves Review – The STX K18 Revolution

Intelligent protection is what best describes the STX K18 lacrosse gloves for all its smart innovations and ingenuity. The genuine leather palm provides its wearers a grip so effective and unmatched that it amazingly boosts the confidence levels when it comes to winning the game, be it on lacrosse camp or to the playing fields itself.

When shopping for Lacrosse gloves, looks and style alone are never enough for an equipment to protect you effectively at the field, and at the same time providing you with the comfort that everyone longed for. The STX K18 has all that. And it’s also more than that. Built with the d3o technology, the glove makes available a great impact absorption feature, dexterity and maximum comfort, making it a true innovation for safety.

The STX K18 lax glove’s efficient use of padding and its principles grants anyone looking for something better with a low-profile but lightweight glove easily adaptable for youth lacrosse players in various age groups. The tight and compact fitting gives players an excellent mobility adding flexibility in gripping Lacrosse sticks well.

Another feature that catches every player’s attention is the mesh palm with the reinforced grip that gives better hand and grip control without sacrificing breathability and comfort. Everyone out there knows how breathability is an important factor to any Lacrosse gears and equipment these days. Just like a Lacrosse helmet where breathability is also a necessity, a typical Lacrosse glove must also have that feature.

The STX K18 lacrosse gloves is carefully constructed with a contrasting but equally attractive matte and a patent leather for that unique look, giving wearers a fresh perspective and light feeling. And it’s well-supported by an improved polyester fabric that works for moisture-wicking and breathability purposes.

But the one thing that the STX K18 lax gloves can boast of is the special “STX Maximum Mobility System”, which together with the specialized “Island Stitching” functions like an independent suspension just like an ordinary car, so the glove can ride smoothly all of your hands movements without so much getting in the way. This is one feature any pro or novice Lacrosse player can treasure.

To follow that, there’s another great feature in the “STX Triflex” finger design, which grants any wearer with that much needed dexterity when playing the game. The HDPE and XPE foam located in the thumb, cuff and backhand effectively combines to present protection and comfort at the same time to those extremely vulnerable parts of the hand which receives much punishment while playing the game.

To top it all off, the AEGIS microbe feature protects every wearer from all those odors that comes with using it. All these things make the STX K18 lax gloves great value that must not be taken lightly.


STX K18 Lacrosse Gloves Review

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