Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves Review


Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves Review – The Search for the Best Lax Gloves

Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves ReviewLacrosseMonkey

Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves Review – Wearing gloves in playing lacrosse helps you avoid injuries if you fall down or get accidentally shot by lacrosse ball or stick. These hand gears also offer a strong hold that will provide you more control over your shots and will avoid your stick from sliding out of your grip and hurting other lacrosse players. Some manufacturers provide solid colors for lax gloves so that you can match up with your team’s official color.

The Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves shows high level of production, stitching, foaming and breathability. The palm layer is premium-grade leather including shark skin on the bottom corner. The outer layer on the upper part of the bands are integrated with X pads that serves as a shock absorber. The thumb and index fingers are specially padded and toughened with a Torque shield.

Also notable about this brand of lax gloves is the seamless palm system that provides a more precise feel of your lacrosse stick and your hold. These are made with shark gel – a type of gel that provides a premium level of protection to your hands during the game play. They are very light, solid and adaptable even up to the cuffs providing your hands to enjoy relaxation and movement. The Xfoam innovation reduces the shock while the Thermo blast padding makes certain that the gloves are insulated for cooling and comfort.

Lax gloves come in varied range of sizes. Most creators of premium quality lacrosse gloves offer their products using small, medium and large. However, the more precise method to get the size of your gloves is to take the exact measurement. The correct way to measure for lax gloves is to get the measurement of the distance from the end of the elbow padding to the tip of your fingers using a tape measure. Take note of this since this will be your lacrosse glove size in purchasing Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves.

It is said that the great Rome wasn’t established in a single day, neither were these gloves. The Maverik Rome Lax Gloves are the summit of years of research and development, integrating innovative Maverik technologies. With amazing features such as Dilloflex, Beat Down Liner, Shark Gel, Shark Skin, Thermoblast and Durastretch, these lax gloves from Maverik Rome are one of the best lacrosse gloves offered today. Aside from player and goalie lax gloves, Maverik also offers premium shoulder and arm guards to ensure success in playing lacrosse.

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